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Do you dream of a getting long, lean muscles, toned arms, and a trim tummy?

Imagine finding the holy grail of exercise – the happy sweat! Exercise that lifts your bottom and your spirits! Where tension in the body is released, your thighs become trimmer and your posture and mobility are improved. Where you feel a renewed sense of self and confidence, without pounding your body into the ground.

You might be looking to try something different to your usual workouts, an alternative to the gym, where you can connect to your body. A workout regime that fits in with your hectic schedule, something you can do anywhere, any time and still have one to one guidance from the instructor. You want fitness to become part of your lifestyle and not another task that you have to schedule in somehow.

It’s time to take back control for you and your body.

Ballet, but not as you know it.

Forget tutus and twirling.

Welcome to Breaking Ballet!

Hi I’m Sarah.  I know what it’s like to lose touch with your body. I went from Ballet School to Law School and ended up sat at a desk, crushing my body.

Without ballet, I was frustrated. I tried all kinds of other workouts, but nothing inspired me and I didn’t stick at anything for very long.

Exercise has to be fun. It has to be something you love – part of your lifestyle.

After many years I rekindled my love affair with dance and qualified as a ballet teacher, so I could help other people reap the ballet benefits.

Breaking Ballet was born.

I’m on a mission to break down ballet’s barriers, so that everyone can enjoy a ballet inspired workout, no matter who they are, how old they are, what they’re wearing, what they look like, or how bendy they are. There is no dancing, just ballet inspired exercises to make you strong, lean and confident


2020 is going to be your year to get fit the ballet way!

Stream all of my workouts anywhere, anytime

Now you will no longer be left to your own devices, cobbling together workouts at home, or feeling guilty for not going to the gym, or not going regularly enough to justify the membership cost.

Breaking Ballet’s 8-week course will provide you with access to short workouts and a tailored schedule so you can finally prioritise exercise and schedule some great ‘me’ time back into your life, guilt free.


This is an exercise regime that will not only fit into your lifestyle but one that will produce realistic results!


The workouts in the 8–week course will become part of your weekly routine and not another chore to add to your never-ending ‘to do’ list.


"Since doing the [Breaking Ballet] course, I have found my missing core strength. My legs are slimmer and more defined, as are my arms. I walk taller. I feel healthier. I’ve got results. And fast! I hate the gym. I’ll join for a year, go a few times a week and end up building bulk and not losing any weight. Midway through the year, this leaves me feeling frustrated which subsequently kills my attendance and my bank balance. Nobody can see you doing Breaking Ballet. You are not judged unlike at the gym where I feel very self-conscious at all times. Breaking Ballet has done so much for my life, as has Sarah’s health advice. Sarah is an inspiration. I could not imagine a single person subscribing to Breaking Ballet and not reaping massive benefits. I’m only sorry I did not discover it sooner.”"

Alexia Lewis

"“After 5 children, my abs are stronger than they have ever been. I have struggled with being overweight most of my life and for the first time I’m actually seeing a bit of definition in my abs! That has never happened before. Breaking Ballet has also made me become much more aware of my posture. In turn, some low back pain and sciatica that I have experienced in the past have both decreased. Inside the Members Facebook group Sarah is live once a week, and guess what? She actually responds to your questions and gives excellent answers including extra exercises, demonstration videos, information on modifications, etc. Knowing that I could check in with her once a week was really motivating for me. In a live class, you can relate and identify with your teacher and you are still able to do that through Breaking Ballet.”"

Erin Zook

"“I decided to anticipate my Christmas present and I joined the monthly membership :) What it is for me? It's my “me” time! I can do what I like (ballet), where I want (random place around the world), and do a proper complete workout and enjoy it! Now I wait for my ballet time. I'm happier and less stressed (I don't really like the gym environment) and I am getting fitter and stronger. The only other thing that I would like to say is a big thank you to Sarah!”"

Chiara Giorletti



“You’re right for the 8-week course if you are ready to take control and find that “me” time each day and commit to working out for 30 minutes for up to 5 days of the week, wherever and whenever you can”


“You’re probably not ready for this if you are already thinking of excuses not to find the time!”


I can help you discover your amazing body through a new and exciting fitness regime that becomes part of your lifestyle. Take action now. Step into the virtual dance studio and change the way you stay fit forever.


Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions about the course.


You should consult with a general practitioner before beginning any exercise, fitness, or nutrition regime, especially if you are pregnant, or have pre-existing health conditions. Your use of the videos inside BBackstage and performance of these exercises is solely at your own risk.


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